Toss Variety - Slice

category: Serve-and-Return

Player learns how to toss the ball into the proper spot. Coach stands on the right of the player (slice serve) or on the left of the player (kick serv...

Slow The Ball Down

category: Serve-and-Return

Coach serves the ball from the ad side. Player then has to return the serve using a backhand slice return cross court between cones/ markers.

Different Spin Serves To The Ad Side

category: Serve-and-Return

Player serves only wide deliveries from the Ad side. The goal of this exercise is to get your player alternating between the different spin serves (Ki...

Serve With Hand

category: Serve-and-Return

Serve with Hand: This exercise is a great tool to warm up whole serving action while working on proper rhythm. Player stands close to the net without ...

Web Videos

Tennis serve- slice serve technique

Mastered the basic serve? Want to learn how to hit serves with spin? Learn how to hit slice serves like Rafa Nadal with the slice serve guide from int...



How To Return A Big First Serve

Develop your players? ability to return the first serve of their opponent by minimising backswing, teaching them about tactical shots and simplifying ...