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Tackling Drills

All players need to be able to tackle. Tackling is how a player physically stops an opponent from moving forward with the ball. It's a vital aspect of...


Jogging Tackle

category: Tackling

The player with the ball jogs in a straight line with the tackler coming in form the side to tackle them.


category: Tackling

Start with this simple tackling drill with no resistance to the tackle to get your players warmed up and used to contact.

Crouch Tackle

category: Tackling

Players stand 5 metres apart, only the attacking player moves in this drill, the tackler remains still as their partner approaches. As the player get...

Walking Tackle

category: Tackling

The player with the ball walks slowly in front of the other player. As the ball carrier is walking the defender should time their move so that they in...

Web Videos

How to do a rugby tackle

Have you ever wanted to get good at rugby. Well look no further than this educational resource on How To Do A Tackle. Follow Videojug's professional e...


Contact Skills in the Tackle

This Sportplan session aims to instil some tackle toughness and confidence back into your players! Tackling from the Front, Side and Back!