Slalom Dribble

category: Agility

Football Slalom dribble Agility Players dribble the ball in and out of the sticks, running around the outer cones before turning sharply back in and ...

Hurdle Zip Zag

category: Agility

Football Hurdle Zip Zag Agility Set hurdles out in a ziz zag pattern, and get players to do a two footed jump over each hurdle.

Dribble, Pass, Run And Relay

category: Agility

Football Dribble, Pass, Run and Relay Agility Great for warm ups. Players dribble through the cones, pass to the waiting player at the end of the con...


category: Agility

Football Hopscotch Agility Start with both feet inside one of the rungs and jump both feet outside the ladder (so the ladder is between both feet) th...

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Jogging for Endurance

Rational: In match play full backs cover an average distance of 11km per game (Bradley et al, 2009). There for it's important that the player buil...