Tackle Practice

category: Tackling

Teams of 3 one team with ball.Start with both teams on their own goal line. Team with ball attempts to scoreDefending team allowed 1 on 1 tackles.When...

Vary The Distance

category: Passing

In groups of 4 - 1 ball straight hands across. on the other side pass the ball to the next group. Start with 2 close passes and on pass 3 and 4 vary t...

Rugby Tennis

category: Passing

Tell you players the following...... There will be two players on one side of the middle line of cones, and another group on the other side. They w...

Front On Pendulum Passing

category: Passing

2 players face one another and stand about 5m apart. The ball is cupped in one hand (not gripped). The player with the ball swings the ball back and f...

Web Videos

Rugby coaching defence drill

... Paul Hamson is one of the worlds top rugby fitness conditioners who is also a level 3 Rugby League coach. He is the senior ...