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Defending Skills Drills

A hockey defender's main role is to stop the attack, regain possession of the ball and pass the ball to a fellow player to begin an attack from the ba...


Follow And Intercept - On The Line

category: Practices-For-Juniors

The attacking player tries to get the ball from one line to the other.

The defending player should watch patiently and steal the ball when i...

Full Press - Puting Pressure On The Opposition

category: Roles-and-Responsibilities

The basis of the press is that no player commits to the ball but a team screen is set up in the decided territory of the pitch. The aim is not to t...

Jab Tackle

category: Defending-Skills

The jab can be used as a form of delay either to dispossess a player with the ball if the ball is away from the stick or to tempt the player to...

Reverse Stick Tackle

category: Defending-Skills

- Utilising a reverse stick pick challenge
- 2 lines of players
- One player will dribble in a straight line
- The defending playing...

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Community Drills

Steal a Goal (4689)

Aim is for players toscore in a goal.When they do they move the goal to their end of the area.

Skill development- Technical

This exercise builds on beating the defender that we did in the last session. In this session we will be focusing on:Practice the JabStealing the ball...

Dribble Steal Game (Meany/Shark)

- Inside an area, everyone has a ball & dribbles, try to knock away other's ball/make others lose their ball. Without fouling- last one still in w...

Attacking/Defending drill

The player in the centre of the grid must try to steal the ball from the players on the outside.The outside players cannot move however can pass in an...