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The basis of the press is that no player commits to the ball but a team screen is set up in the decided territory of the pitch. The aim is not to try and steal the ball from the opposition, but instead to make the opposition give the ball to you.

By pushing up you are trying to make the opposition make a mistake in trying to run or pass the ball out of these areas. After intercepting a bad pass your team should be looking to break and score.

When to use:

The Full Press should take place only if:

  1. The opposition has a free hit in one of the 2 zones shown in the diagram.

  2. Or a player in possession in the 23m area is given a very bad bobbly pass to their reverse stick side. However, this is slightly harder to read as all players need to react, because of this this tactic is probably not worth exploring to begin with.

Your team's press should prevent all lateral (sideways) passes across the pitch. All other passing options are easier to close down if you use the side lines to your advantage.

Coaching points


When the opposition has a player that can throw long aerials and therefore one pass can beat the press.

The press relies on all players to be disciplined and participate fully. If one player decides to not participate or try to win the ball this will often result in the break down of the press.

On a free hit inside the 23m area but in the centre of the pitch. This is very hard to defend as there are so many options to close down and means that there is no real numerical advantage for the pressing team.

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