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The defenders aim is to take the ball out of the 23m area in control
and the 3 attackers aim is to try and score a goal. 3 v 3 plus a keeper....

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Worst cards in field hockey ever!

In the sport of Field Hockey, there is 3 cards to punish a player when he has done something against the rules of the game and it is the Green, Yellow...

Field hockey 101: receiving

Field Hockey - #4 Receiving with Georgia Nanscawen CD22 at REDS HOCKEY CLUB - Perth, Western Australia HockeyRoo Georgia Nanscawen (Australia) - Demon...



Community Drills

Split vision 101

player (blue) dribbles with the ball to wards you (white/gray) while you walk back show different colours of cones to the player and let him/her say t...

Press: Middenvelder stapt door: 5:16

De middenvelder is bij de 4-mans kom VRIJ en heeft dus GEEN man. In veelvoorkomende situaties pakt onze voorstoppper geen man en de midden midden...