Assess your new junior players session

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The Problem:

Every year at our club there are players moving up into the next age group and new players joining an age group, and sometimes you haven't got enough players to create different ability groups for the particular age, so you finish up with a group of players that you have already coached for a season as well as some new players that have less skill, plus some real beginners.

The Solution:

It's important to try and keep all the players in the same age group together because they're going to have to play in the games together. Because of this what we normally do at our club is run a recap session for all the age group, assessing their running with the ball, Indian dribbling, passing ability level as well as their 1 v 1 level.


We found that there was one new player that had never played so he needs to start from the beginning, two players that needed to work on moving the ball left right back or stop with the ball and three players that needed to work on passing speed. The rest of my group was fine and were ready to progress.

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