Drill Categories

Scoring on the break Drills

Scoring on the break is a very common form of attack in field hockey, if you watch the Australians you may believe it is the only form of attack. It o...


Outletting Through Midfield

category: Roles-and-Responsibilities

Hockey Outletting through midfield Roles and Responsibilities We will be working on this kind of move in the midfield these next couple of weeks So w...

Figure Of 8 - Pass And Shoot Relay

category: Samples

Ice Hockey Figure Of 8 - Pass and Shoot Relay Samples Players start with the puck ... another one-two with the coach before skating onto the outlet p...


category: Passing-Receiving

1 Player feeds and 1 player has to receive the ball and pass alternating left and right concentrating on the first touch being in the direction of the...


category: Overload-situations

create forward passes by transferring the ball

The 3 blue players are trying to pass the ball through one of the 3 goals in the middle of the area ...

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Play wide to go Forward

Stretch them out - Use the whole width of the pitch and stretch your opposition to breaking point!

Posting up and Overlapping

Get your players taking up forward positions on the pitch and overlapping to offer extra attacking options!


Community Drills

Outletting against 1/2 court press

A free hit within the half against a 1/2 court pressLinks and forwards to make in-out lead runs to pull the defending players out of the pass's path

Applying pressure on defensive outlet

Defenders are to start in the 23 meter area with the ball. The objective is to trough and outlet the ball down the wide channels to supporting players...