Drill Categories

Scoring on the break Drills

Scoring on the break is a very common form of attack in field hockey, if you watch the Australians you may believe it is the only form of attack. It o...


Outletting Through Midfield

category: Roles-and-Responsibilities

Hockey Outletting through midfield Roles and Responsibilities We will be working on this kind of move in the midfield these next couple of weeks So w...

Moving Defence Into Midfield

category: Game-related

Hockey Moving Defence into Midfield Game related In this practice the defensive players are in position of the field and have to try and keep possess...

1-3-4-3 Diamond Shape Midfield

category: Roles-and-Responsibilities

Hockey 1-3-4-3 diamond shape midfield Roles and Responsibilities 4 man midfield with the centre half pushing up higher up the pitch, supporting the f...

Web Videos

England hockey: creating space tips

This is an excellent series of coaching videos produced by England Hockey to help players develop their skills. Want to see more? Just subscribe! Enjo...

Field hockey midfield play

This video shows a back four building up and creating space at the midfield. Important is the role of the pivot (centre midfielder) in the box (the sp...


Forward Running - Positive Play

Carry the ball with confidence and run at goal! Teach your players to switch the ball and feed the lines to get the ball up the pitch!


Community Drills

Last Year 2016

Last years line up. traditional. Works against back four. can be opened up on counter attack and with a back three. Can be one dimentinal with th...

Fast cross midfield to attack

- 3 P. drill (incl. goalie 4)- 16 cons ( 4 cons second var.)- 20 BallsHighlights: Build up the speed, fast/controled forehand receives/turns, drive, ...