Drills: India

Indian Dribble Hockey
Indian Dribble
Indian Dribble Hand Positions Hockey
Indian Dribble Hand Positi
The fundamentals involved with the Indian Dribble are as foll
Correct grip Hockey
Correct grip
Watch position When running or indian drib
Running relays Hockey
Running relays
Players in teams have to run the ball to the opposite cone fo
Find a new ball Hockey
Find a new ball
Every player with a ball and stick. Player
Swapping Hands Hockey
Swapping Hands
Put out 2 cones (on a line if possible) about 2 - 5 meter apa
Channelling onto the forehand Hockey
Channelling onto the foreh
This exercise is designed to encourage defenders to force att
Crossing - From the Left and Right Hockey
Crossing - From the Left a
Players in the middle pass the ball out to their respective w
Open side Block Tackle Hockey
Open side Block Tackle
Strong low body position and balanced ready to move. /p>
Pass and receive Hockey
Pass and receive
Split the group in half. The white team
Rotation Game Hockey
Rotation Game
Left to right rotation. Feeders can receive the ball back from the att
Overlap to get in behind Hockey
Overlap to get in behind
Only defender is allowed to leave the square and the other on
Dribbling - Slalom Hockey
Dribbling - Slalom
Have fun and help your players to gel as a team with this games-based
Dribble pass relay Hockey
Dribble pass relay
Player 1 starts by running with the ball to the right hand co
Receiving on the reverse while moving Hockey
Receiving on the reverse w
In pairs 1 ball passing the ball up and down a channel. /p
turn out of trouble switch Hockey
turn out of trouble switch
Player 1 passes the ball to player 2 who has run across the p
Chase Ball Hockey
Chase Ball
2 Teams, 2 Balls. One of the teams starts passing the ball. The othe
Musical Islands Hockey
Musical Islands
Players run around with their ball outside the islands (make the islan
multiple ball possession Hockey
multiple ball possession
Players on the ball can pass it to any static player, but the
Random blocks Hockey
Random blocks
Place as many rebound blocks as you have around the D. Player
continual long corner Hockey
continual long corner
2 equal teams in the circle. and lots of balls on both long c
Unopposed 11-a-side Hockey
Unopposed 11-a-side
The team has to pass the ball around the team using two touch