The Far Jump Shot

category: 318-jump-shot-far

As players run up to where they are going to throw from they should bring the ball up to shoulder height. The first step in the 1-2-3 pattern should b...

Jump Shot : Side View

category: 317-jump-shot-high

jump shot - during forward run bring up the ball to shoulder height- third step is explosive and large- in the air the hip should go backward together...

563 Shooting Pivot

category: 563-shooting-pivot

Pass B1-B2-B11st : passes on on the left2nd : passes on on the right3rd : throw at the goal with jump shot

Hit The Dragons Tail

category: 314-center-shot

White players must try to hit the last player of the 'dragon' (the four blue players in the middle are the dragon). Players in the dragon hold each ot...

Center Shot Relay

category: 314-center-shot

Both sides line up facing one another, with the ball starting on opposite sides. The player who starts with the ball throws to the player opposite the...

Running And Passing

category: 314-center-shot

Pairs move to and away from each other and move in to each other while passing. They should try to receive passes while moving towards the ball and al...

Web Videos

Salming handball feint - shot feint

The goal for the shooter is to leave the defender passive and rooted on the spot. If he succeeds, he has a better chance of launching the shot above t...