Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell your players the following...

  1. We are playing 7's, normal rules apply - except this is touch.
  2. Upon getting touched a player must off-load the ball right away to a supporting attack player. They must stop running.
  3. If they do not off-load right away - the ball is turned over to the defence.
  4. If they keep running the ball is turned over.
  5. Touch is one handed.
  6. There are unlimited touches, but in the even of the law being broken e.g. a knock on - the ball will be turned over.
  7. The game is to be played at pace.
  8. We will have 4 quarters of 4 minutes for this game.

Bring you players together for no more than a minute at the end of each quarter to highlight what is going well, what could be better and to agree targets for the next quarter. Ask players, don't just tell.

Coaching points

  • The game should be played at pace.
  • You should see evidence of your training in this game situation e.g. players use their attacking and defensive patterns.
  • Attackers move the ball to space.
  • Defenders provide a second line of defence and cover for kicks.
  • Communication is evident in both the attack and defence.

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