Dominant Drive - Giving the Ball Carrier Options!

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This session looks at developing your players? attacking principle, ready to drive forward to become an option for their team-mate. Develop and progres your team?s attacking play, thinking positively when going forward to make the most of any goal-scoring opportunity. Work on their reactions and timing skills, as well as using the sprint (or drive), to give the attacker options.

What?s in the Session?

Warm your players up with a simple drill, working on their communication ready for the session ahead. Go through numerous drills to get your players ready and waiting to become an option, keeping their head up and their stance positive. Speed and quick reactions are key, as they work on losing their marker with the reactivate drills, which allows your players to progress by adding in defenders to put the pressure on. Continue to work on tactics and their speed with sprinting and driving drills, before finishing off with a conditioned game to test their skills!

Use this session today to get your players supporting one another and to make the most of your attacking play!

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