Netball Drill Demonstration


Warm up drill to promote movement, passing and communication. 

The three circles are stationary feeders. The two centres are the active players. The straight lines signal ball movement and the dotted lines signal player movement. 


The Black C starts with the ball and passes to the left post, runs around the post. The White C runs out to receive the ball from the left post and passes to the middle post, runs behind the middle post. The Black C then runs out and recieves from the middle post and passes to the right-hand post, runs behind the right-hand post. The White C receives from the right-hand post, passes to the Black C and clears out of the way. Black C passes to the next player in the line, closest to the left-hand post. Drill runs through again with next pair. 

Coaching points

Make sure that all passes and cuts are hard and flat.

Created by Laura, Netball Coach, England

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