Netball Drill Demonstration


Working in a small space, first practise the body angles without a ball.

Drill 1 - Straight Drive

A driving hard up in a sraight line, then pulling back in straight line. D to angle body so that they always see A and F.

Drill 2 - Angled Drive

D driving at angle with the A but not overstepping so that when A runs back, the D can force them back in straight line and not allow the cut back to the centre channel A should be on the D's back.

Do both sides for both drills. Start slower then intensify. Then add in a ball!

When you add in ball, key will be accepting that the A recieving the ball high (close to F) is fine, but preventing that ground-gaining back pass must be prevented and that's the big victory!


Still working in a small space, work solidly to prevent the back pass. A can move in any direction, but D trying to dictate the space. Work for about 25 seconds, then swap or reset. It's high intensity! How many lifted back passes can the D prevent or intecept?

Coaching points

  • Feet under body
  • Angled body
  • Hips turning so always in direction of travel
  • Eyes on ball and attacker at all times!
  • Get the attacker on your back!
  • What is a success? You can't get every ball, so accept that forcing a short ball and preventing a long ball is a victory!

Created by Sharon, Netball Coach, England

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