Mini Tennis 3

Tennis Mini Tennis 3 Coordination / Fun Games 2 players volley down the line to groundstrokes (second volley position)

Mini Tennis

Tennis Mini Tennis Volley Drills 2 players volley crosscourt to ground strokeers (second volley position) volley.

Mini Tennis Warm Up (2)

Tennis Mini Tennis Warm up (2) Coordination / Fun Games Players rally groundstrokes to groundstrokes (Crosscourt)

Mini-Returning Skills With The Cone

Tennis Mini-returning skills with the cone Serve and Return Player stands on the ad side with a cone in hand. Coach serves from the ad side. Player t...

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Community Drills

Mini Tennis

Mini Tennis Down the line. Lots of footwork—no missed split steps.

Playing behind the net

Playing behind the net is a drill that already positions the racquet almost in the ideal forehand contact point and prevents the backswing so the...

Mini Tennis Games

Pupils stand on one side of the Tennis Net opposite the teacher. Pupils will each hold a tennis racquet ready to strike the ballTeacher will serve all...