Scrum Pass

category: Passing

Rugby Scrum Pass Passing Rear foot close to the ball Crouch down bending the legs not at the waist Point lead foot at the target player No pick up or...

Attacking Kick On The Move

category: Kicking

Rugby Attacking Kick On The Move Kicking Practice short kicks while attacking forward (not standing still). The attackers are aiming to land their ki...

Scrum Half - Shotgun Alley

category: Passing

Rugby Scrum Half - Shotgun Alley Passing Explain to thescrum halfs that they are to attempt to pass the ball at the attackers and attempt to hit them...

Quick Hands - Warm Up

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Quick Hands - Warm Up Warm Up Within a group there are two groups ... At the middle point, marked by a cones, the scrum half moves the ball to ...

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Community Drills

Scrum Attack Red Zone

Attacking scrum set with space either side. Split backs left and right, scrumhalf determines angle of attack.Backs ready to react to direction.Scrumha...


Weak side scrum attack- ball from the 9 to 10. 12 crashes hard, while full back drifts behind. 15 take drift line and runs a switch with 13. If there ...

Scrum Attack #1

Play Designed for #9 and #14 to quickly attack outside and create space for a 2v1