Leave No Man Behind

category: Warm-Up

Players start in the bottom right corner and on the command sprint as a group before doing 5 press ups. They advance as a defensive line, moving as f...


category: Ruck

Groups of 4 and two groups of defenders with contact pads. 1 ball per group. The ball carrier drives into the contact pads and presents ball backwar...

Winger'S Drill 1

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Run to the first cone at 3/4 pace.Upon reaching the first cone perform a slight side step and change direction.Continue to accelerate to the 2nd cone,...

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Ulster Rugby pre-season fitness session at Newforge Belfast.



Rugby Fitness Drills and Games

Strike the perfect balance between fitness and rugby drills in this challenging session, using fun games and fitness drills to get players looking for...

Fitness Testing Session

Work up a sweat with this fitness and conditioning rugby session - testing Aerobic Fitness, Anaerobic Fitness, Flexibility, Power and Strength