3 'V' 2

category: Passing

Description. This is a simple 3 v 2. The three attackers have to get past the two defenders without being touched, that's it. The defenders will star...

Race To Cone - 3 V 2

category: Decision-making

Rugby Race to cone - 3 v 2 Decision making One ball and 6 cones. 15m x 15m. Setup the practice as shown. The first two players run up to the half way...

3 Vs 2 Reload

category: Decision-making

Description. The aim of the drill is to develop players reload speed and positioning. Coaching points. Attackers and Defenders reload to the orange ...

3 Vs 2 - Support Running

category: Decision-making

Rugby 3 vs 2 - Support Running Decision making 3 vs 2 in a grid. Defenders must ... 2 vs 1 - Decision Making. 3 v 2 v 2 Drill Thumbnail View this dri...