category: Footwork

Netball Suicides Footwork A tough fitness exercise that works your players' speed stamina. Depending on your team's age/ ability you can choose to do...

Super Star

category: Footwork

Netball Super Star Footwork Split players into pairs with 1 ball between them and set up as diagram (half a third each if available). Black C is the ...

Face Forward

category: Footwork

Netball Face Forward Footwork Players must face the same direction the whole way round (direction faced indicated by small arrow) - to achieve this t...

Sprints - Out And Back

category: Footwork

Netball Sprints - Out and Back Footwork Players must sprint facing forward out around the red cone. After reaching it they should quickly change dire...


Community Drills

Warm up

1x lap around courts - stop = another lap - stop again = 2x suicides*drink*

Suicide Runs

- Starting at the base line, players sprint up to the first transverse line then slowly jog back to the base line- Players sprint to the second transv...

suicide runs

1.Stand at one end of a netball court, behind the baseline, facing the opposite end of the court. This is where you start and come back to after each ...