Ball To Left Hand Gloved Side Of Gk

category: Goal-keeping

Coach should feed the ball to the left hand, where the goalkeeper should aim to give and cushion the ball so that it falls vertically to the ground...

Ball To Right Hand Stick Side Of Gk

category: Goal-keeping

where possible the gloved left hand should move across the body - under the chin or above the eyes (so as not to impede vision) and make the savethe s...

Deflection Far Post

category: Shooting-Goalscoring

Player start with a ball outside the circle and have to hit or slap/sweep hit the ball to the far post for the player on the far post to be able de...


category: Goal-keeping

  • Setup the practice as shown.
  • The feeder rolls the ball for the goalkeeper to dive and save either side. If the ball falls to one of the re...

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    Community Drills

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    'Goalball' - 2 teams of 5-6 players stand on a line between 2 cones/goalposts 15 yards wide, teams are 20 yards apart. Number off 1-5.Red team...