Receive And Dribble Fitness

category: Passing-Receiving

Player without the ball receives the ball from one of the players and runs with it around the far cone and passes the ball back. He/she then receives...

Receive Fitness

category: Passing-Receiving

3 Players, 2 Balls. One of the players runs between the two players with the balls. He/she receives and returns the ball to the same player. FOREHA...

Positional Play Under Pressure

category: Passing-Receiving

As above, but now introduce a defender who can first try and intercept only, later tackle. In this case, the left winger. movie needs to change to pr...

Push On The Move

category: Passing-Receiving

check that the ball is released off the right foot

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Fieldhockey dribbling

Dribbling, skills for hockey Produced by England Hockey Supplied by European Hockey Federation.

Field hockey workout

... Bucknell Field Hockey going through a challenging endurance workout. 5 minutes of non-stop squats, plate pushes, and speed ...