Post Up And Overlap (2V1)

category: Video-Techniques

Hockey Post Up and Overlap (2v1) Video Techniques - Playing a 2 on 1 in a narrow area - Looking to post hard towards the player and turn strong - Pla...

Posting Up - Roll Left

category: Video-Techniques

Hockey Posting up - Roll Left Video Techniques - Posting up is when a player moves from one area of the pitch to another looking to receive the ball ...

Run Through Gates

category: Warm-up-Games

Hockey Run through gates Warm-up Games Set-up a number of gates about 1m wide. ... Make sure players get used to looking up and avoiding other player...

Working The Square - Follow Your Pass

category: Warm-up-Games

Hockey Working the Square - follow your pass Warm-up Games 5 cones, 5 players, 1 ball and few spares to the side. Players can pass anywhere as long a...

Web Videos


Receiving the ball under pressure

Conditioned games to improve your players' peripheral vision, so they can use their first touch when receiving the ball to move into space


Community Drills

Stuck in the mud

Mark out a delimited area (blue cones) which is the area of the game. Select a couple of attackers, who do not have a ball and are charged with tackli...

Looking up while dribbling

Players in groups of four, 2 cones about 10m away, 1 player in between as a defender. Player 1 dribbles towards the defender, the defender chooses one...

Mystery Conditioned Game

Play a normal match, two teams. However, the game is conditioned, but the players don't know what the conditions are. They have to try and work ...