Drill Categories

Movement off the ball Drills

Movement off the ball is vital if you want your hockey players to get into space to receive a pass and open up opportunities for attacks to develop. T...

Possession Drills

Keeping possession of the ball is your team's best way of maintaining the advantage over their opponents and to fabricate goal scoring opportunities. ...


Leading, Receiving And Ball Carrying.

category: Skill-Circuit

Player 1 (P1) Dribbles through the cones and passes to P2 who moves towards the cone to receive the pass. P2 then passes to P3 who moves towards the c...

Skill Technique Circuit

category: Skill-Circuit

There should be approximately 4 players on each of the 3 stations in this drill. The player at the top of the pitch (player 2) starts with the ball an...

Goal Scoring - Individual Practice

category: Skill-Circuit

A great one for players to practice on their own and to develop shooting on the run. In this drill the player has to hit the ball into the goal, colle...

Combinations - Pullback

category: Indoor-Hockey

Move with options around the top of the 'D'. Runners should continue the focus on dynamic movement, leading into space, and positioning for deflection...

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