Free Hit Forehand Add

category: Set-Pieces

Player on the ball waits for the player in the D to make a move with their stick outside the D for them to pass the ball hard onto the stick. Player r...

Self Pass Disguise Free

category: Passing-Receiving

The player with ball has a free hit. They should play a self pass before then trying to get the ball to either player. The defender has to keep their ...

2 V 1 Self Pass Free Hit

category: Self-Pass

White player 1 and 2 have decided between them who will take the self pass (without the defender knowing) On the whistle both white players run to tak...

Deflect Inside

category: Set-Pieces

Player on the free hit hits the ball hard slightly wide of the D for a player to move out with their stick to deflect the ball into the D for a shot o...

Web Videos

Field hockey problems

Jade and I acting out field hockey problems. Song is "Heat of the Moment" by Asia. Created using Video Star: ...