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Bite size fitness session 4

Be the fastest and fittest out on the field with the another bitesize fitness session to slip into the end of the session.

Bite size fitness 6

This is a tough and physically demanding hockey conditioning session - working on your players' sprint stamina and muscular endurance


Community Drills

Endurance Striker drill ( feeders)

- 4 P. drill (incl. goalie 5), ( 2 P. incl. second var.)- 6 cons ( 2 cons second var.)- 40 ballsHighlights:every receive must be a high one, try max....

G & B Pride

A passes to B. B crosses through the plain to C serving the ball then does a quick recover heading back to the right field to the cone to the top of t...


A to B, then B back to A, which passes off to C. C passes onto B at the 15 yd. line, and continues to run after the pass off to assist A who is going ...