Now Lets Put It All Together

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1. Drill one:
a. The keeper stands on the base line
b. The keeper takes three steps forward and assumes the ready posit...

Web Videos

Fieldhockey baseline skills

Retrouvez ici compilé plusieurs actions et buts venant d'une zone clé du hockey moderne : la baseline. Beaucoup de buts sur action proviennent de cett...

Hockey nsw: crossbar challenge 2015

The class of 2015 take on the crossbar challenge at training on the first rest day of the national u21 men's hockey championships in Canberra.


Community Drills

Warm up (dynamic)

Creates the atomsphere for the practiceTeam jog around whole field to start then line up at the cone to start dynamic warm up.Jog base linesideways jo...

Continuous 3v3

Hopefully i will arrive by this point!!Run exercise with 7 minutes on and 2 minutes for talking split the group into 3 teamsone goal on the normal spo...

stick and ball

1v1 players find a space on the pitch, a line or area. one person defends the area the other attacks it. Focus is placed on the attacker attacking at ...