Drill Categories


Coordination 10

category: 111-running-jumping-moving

Handball coordination 10 111 running/jumping/moving Fast feet Start on left side of the first space of the ladder. First step is with the right foot ...

Coordination 3

category: 111-running-jumping-moving

Handball coordination 3 111 running/jumping/moving Players jump - step on benches. Stand and move sidewards. Start with left foot onto a bench-put ri...

Hop Scotch 1

category: 561-Coordination

Handball Hop scotch 1 561 Coordination Players hop on one leg 3 steps left and right. balance, coordination, fitness, strength.

Coordination Circuit 2

category: 561-Coordination

Handball Coordination circuit 2 561 Coordination Start of 2 or 3 players without ball. Make salto on mat, run to pole, sidesteps to gap between poles...

Speed Ladder 4

category: 561-Coordination

Handball Speed ladder 4 561 Coordination Players go through the ladder by stepping into every space with left and right foot after each other, in the...

Coordination Circuit 1

category: 561-Coordination

Handball Coordination circuit 1 561 Coordination Players run over long tumbling mat, run slalom through the poles, over the bottom side of the benche...

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Community Drills

coordination and agility session 1

in this warm up, the to players will pass to eachother ,then the progression is to bounce pass to eachother .the next progression is to try and bounce...

dribble warm up

warm up with dribbling the ball.1. every player with a ball dribbling inside the 9m area. on the whistle they need to sit down in group of threes back...