Some useful tips for goalkeepers?

Some useful tips for goalkeepers?

I´ve been a goalkeeper for more than a year now, but I´m not as good as I´d like to be. Do you know som useful tips for goalkeeping? Thanks.

Handball CoachCoach
Handball CoachCoach

Best tip will be %3A special training for goalkeepers from your coaches.

Things to work on %3A
- flexibility %3A all body should be flexible to stop goalshots from all angles
- power %3A in legs and arms and body back and belly to resist shots
- reaction time %3A should be as short as possible to make any chance to stop shots at the goal
- no fear
- good techniques to stop shots from %3A distance, short distance, wings
- good techniques to stop shots %3A high, middle, low and bouncing shots on the goal

Training can be individual (koordination, reaction, power training)
In pairs, small grouops or with the complete team %3A stopping techniques of various shots at the goal.

All these special drills are available in our database!!

So convince your coaches to use them.

Maria GracjaszCoach, Poland


One of the most important features of the physical capacity of the goalkeeper is the rate at which comprises: reaction time, movement time and frequency of simple movements. The development speed must be adapted to individual parameters between individuals: body height, range, upper and lower extremities and the level of other characteristics of the motor. During the development speed of the goalkeeper is important to improve the responsiveness and support training: Strength, skocznościowy and gibkościowy.

An equally important element, though remaining in the shadow of the speed and flexibility (Norkowski 1996) is a strength. The efficiency of brute force the goalkeeper is the ability to withstand the force of a ball thrown by a player. The level of force is one of the basic factors that determine the speed of movement (liberation of the maximum speed in the shortest time). Strength - being the product of mass and acceleration - increases when more of one of the parameters. With the ever increasing strength of the plan, increasing the speed of the ball [more than 110 km / h]. This phenomenon raises the requirements before the coach and the goalkeeper. Very zrywowy nature of the effort required to develop training for maximum strength, while maximum acceleration of movement.

The fact is that the speed of the ball in a broadcast wave is higher than the rate of reaction when the goalkeeper intervention. Formation of the complex reaction rate is an important part of the preparation of technical and tactical goalkeeper. The reaction time depends on the goalie on several factors:

- The type of roll,

Only performed in line with the place settings goalkeeper (time of flight of the ball),

- Ability to predict the time of going line by an opponent (the projection of 6 m, 7 m - penalty kick, 9 m),

- The ability to correct selection of intervention techniques (higher level of technical skill improves response times).

The above considerations make it important that his game is based on the reactions of the complex. Watching the ball - with his movements and body posture, assess the situation on the pitch goalkeeper must infer in which direction the ball will fly and at what speed. This information and his experience in the game, allow the taking of appropriate intervention (reduction of the angle, run out, etc.).

Flexibility - the ability to perform movements in a pond or a combination of joints in the optimal range of motion (Sozański 1999).

Stretching muscles to decrease the inhibitory effect of antagonist muscles.It is important to maintain an optimal relationship between muscle strength and suppleness as the imbalance between them could have negative consequences for the weaker features (Norkowski 1996).Goalkeeper interventions are characterized by variability in the spaciousness of motion that depends on the distance of the limb contact with the ball from the center of gravity.Goalkeeper activities are characterized mainly energetic movements that rely on increasing strength and speed.

The difficulty is the goal of a move, or touch and power tripped on the ball (defense) in the extreme positions often stretch the muscles, requiring the coordination of eye - hand and eye - foot.In addition, the matter of traffic makes it difficult to apply when the balance of the goalkeeper position is shaky. To effect the movement was effective must be done deliberately in order to make a habit of exercise and described his technique.

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