Handball Drill Demonstration


Players have a ball each and go through different dribbling variations as instructed by the coach.

This gets your players running while also improving their hand-eye coordination.

Coaching points

Dribbling Variations:

  • Dribble with right hand, left hand, left/right hand in turns
  • Roll the ball, collect it within a few steps, roll again...
  • Throw ball into the air, let it bounce once and catch it (can also be done without a bounce).
  • Throw the ball from behind your back forward with two hands
  • Run while circling the ball around your waist.
  • Thread the ball under your knee to the other hand with every step
  • Feint the pass to another player when you run past them
  • Communicate and swap balls with a player in the opposite direction when you run


At the end of the drill you can add defenders who try to stop, disturb the attackers.

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