Hitting A Target

category: Fast-and-spin-bowling

The practice should be setup as shown. Have one player as a wicket keeper and another as fielder. The bowlers take it in turns to bowl, with the field...

Target Bowling - In Team

category: Fast-and-spin-bowling

Split the group into teams.Setup sets of stumps 20 yrds (22 yrds - Depending on age) apart.Have one player in each team as a wicket keeper.The object ...

Target Throwing

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

Working in pairs with one ball per pair players throw the ball back and forth to each other. The object of the exercise is to hit the cone positioned ...

Team Target Barrier

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

Organisation: Divide the group into 2 equal teams and organixe as shown in the diagram.The ball is rolled underarm towards the opposition's goal. 1 po...

Pairs Target Barrier

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

Organisation: Divide the group into pairs. Organise the practice as shown in the diagram. Aim is to beat partner, using underarm throw. One point is g...

Target Throwing And Hitting The Stumps

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

Set up as shown: two sets of stumps with a wicket keeper with a ball behind each. Two lines of players. The WK facing the two lines starts by throwin...

Rebound Bowling

category: Fast-and-spin-bowling

Each player has a ball. As with normal bowling the ball can only bounce once before hitting the target on the wall. The bowler then collects the rebou...

Rebound Bowling (From Coil)

category: Fast-and-spin-bowling

1 tennis or incredi-ball per player. The targets on the wall should vary in size according to players' ability. Each player has a ball and waits in on...

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Rainy Day Indoor Batting Session

Front and Back Foot batting session - Whatever the weather decides to do make sure you're prepared with this indoor or outdoor driving session!

Pre Season: Preparing your Bowlers

Get your bowlers back in the groove and improve your players' bowling line, accuracy and confidence with this early season bowling session

Community Drills

Front Foot Drive - Net

Standard net session with players. Focusing on the front foot drive. Bowlers are encouraged to bowl a fuller length and look to target off stump. Batt...

Beau's Fielding Drill

Ball starts with the coach, who hit flat catch to first blue cone. After catch, player rolls ball to second blue cone, who has a shot at the PUGG on t...

Channel Bowling

you have to bowl 12 balls in between the cones. you have 3 lives. If you miss the channel you lose a life, if you lose all your lives you ...

AFL Style Middlesex Ground Drill

Drill involves feed from coach along ground and pick up (green/blue dotted line), underarm throw over stumps (green/blue straight line); overarm throw...