Drill Categories

Front foot batting Drills

These shots are used when the ball is pitched on a fuller length and the batsman takes a step forward towards the ball. If right handed the batsman pl...


Catching Singles Game

category: Catching

The aim of this game is for your players to make 10 catches without any of the players being touched by the opposition whilst holding the ball.

One Day Singles Cricket

category: Conditioned-games

10-12 players are needed for singles cricket and players should pair up so that they can bat and bowl in pairs.

Each pair has 1-2 wickets, ...

Pairs Cricket

category: Conditioned-games

  • Each team starts with a score of 200 runs.
  • Batsmen can be out in the usual ways, and also: (a) by hitting the ceiling of the hall, (b) by ...

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    Community Drills

    Leg side singles

    Ball is fed towards batsmans hips/legs, who is looking to score by working it into the scoring area along the ground

    Running singles

    The field is set up as for a game: two batsmen, bowler and fielders.The aim is to get off strike within three balls.The batsman has to play the stroke...

    Quick singles

    Quick Singles- Sidearm throws to batsman.Batsman drops ball forward or backward of fielders on the off and on sides and calls for a quick single.Next ...