Cricket Drill Demonstration



  • Wicketkeeper starts with the ball and rolls out the the fielder in the square leg position.
  • Square leg fielder picks up the ball and aims a throw at the ramp.
  • Fielder at point gets in line with the throw and catches/collects the ball from the throw and then releases a throw at the non-strikers end single stump.
  • Mid-on fielder backs up this throw and gives an underarm throw to the extra cover fielder who has moved im behind the non-strikers end stump.
  • Extra cover completes the drill by throwing the ball back into the wicketkeeper.

Coaching points

  • Throwing technique should be side on with front arm pointing towards the target.
  • The single stump throw from the point fielding position should be aimed at the base of the stumps.
  • Fielder backing-upin the mid-on position should be walking in ready to receive the throw.
  • The long-barrier should be used if the ball is bobbling around.


  • Can challenge the players to reach a set amount of points. Points can be given for a clean catch or pickup or when the single stump is hit.

Drill tags: ground fielding, catch, throw, backing-up, single stump

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