Staggered Screen

category: Screening

Basketball Staggered Screen Screening A staggered screen is 2 individual screens that will be set to get 1 player open. The player will run around bo...

Off The Screen Shooting Drill

category: Screening

Basketball Off the screen shooting drill Screening Setup the practice as shown. Player 3 runs into the arc and runs off the screen created by player ...

Setting A Screen

category: Screening

Basketball Setting a Screen Screening Player 1 with the ball. Player 2 sets the screen at either side of the defender. When the screen is set player ...

Teaching The Screen

category: Passing

Basketball Teaching the screen Passing Off the ball screen, practiced in a closed situation. In threes players set up in a triangle. player at the to...

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Using Screens On and Off the Ball

Create space in congested areas with clever movement by the players off the ball. Teach your team how to set the screen to make space for the ball car...


Community Drills

Copy of Game

Standard 5 on 5.Work on different set plays like motionc and set good effective screens.

4-1 High

2 Guard front +G1(Has ball)-G2 enrty-G1 ball side basket cut to 6 hole after G2 passes to W_waits in 6 until W reverses then sets screen for post...

Fast Break vs. Full Court Press

This play is for ball movement up the court for a quick layup against a man-to-man full court press.All screens roll away from the ball to "widen...


The one man passes to 5 who is trailing while 3 and 4 are the deep corners, after 1 passes to 5, 1 down screens for 3 or 4 and they come o...