Drill Categories

1 v 1 Drills

You need agility, skills and stamina in order to come out on top in a 1v1 situation, especially when playing against taller players. These one on one ...

2 v 1 Drills

When the overload is on and your team has a 2v1 they should put their chance away. To make sure your players breakthroughs finish with a goal these tw...


Changing Hands

category: Dribbling-Relay

Basketball Changing Hands Dribbling Relay Player 1 dribbles the ball with their right hand, change to the left and then go for a lay up shot. Player ...

Dribble Relay

category: Dribbling-Relay

Basketball Dribble Relay Dribbling Relay Split the group into equal teams. Set the cones up as shown in the diagram. On the whistle players dribble a...

Dribbling Circuit

category: Passing

Basketball Dribbling Circuit Passing 6 Players on the side line 2 Groups of players behind the base line Players 1 and 4 dribbles the ball to the fre...


category: Dribbling-Relay

Players in teams have to dribble the ball to the opposite cone for the next player to dribble the ball back etc. These can be races. Coaching points....


One on One - Take your man on!

Unlock your players' creativity to beat their opponents' on one on one situations. A great session to assess your players' individual qualities



Community Drills

Dribble moves full court

Full Court Dribble MovesOn each end of the floor, have an assistant or manager stand at the arc as a token, stationary defender (does not actually ste...

Dribble Course

Players told to dribble in and out of cones. Told to do a crossover at each cone.Dribble/Bounce the ball with your fingertips. Don’t let it touch your...

Ball Familiarity

Everyone gets a ball and finds a space in the hall. Everyone gets instructions to dribble the ball and try and sit down while dribbling and keeping th...