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I have seagulls on the court!

Hi there.I am looking for a session to help me with my 9 year olds to teach them to find space on the court. At this point the ball is a chip and they are the hungry sea gulls squawking for it. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Hi Colleen, or in fact both Colleens!

We have a number of excellent drills here at Sportplan to help you coach your players to understand the importance of creating space on court. I have included a drill for you below to get you started at your next training session. Alternatively if you type finding space into the search bar, you'll find a number of sessions purely focusing on this - all of which have been rated highly!

Hope that helps for both of you!

The Sportplan Team

Diamond getting free

Video / Animation
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  1. Feeder starts with the ball outside of the diamond, 2m from the edge. Attacker and Defender start in the square.
  2. Attacker has to get free from defender and receive a pass from F at the cones of the diamond.
  3. Defender has to prevent A from moving, restricting her space.
  4. Work for 2-4 minutes with A moving to as many different cones as possible to receive a pass from F.
  5. Swap roles.

Coaching Points:

Attacker (A) has to employ a variety of methods to get free from the defender (D). A should use a change of direction, change of pace, roll etc.

Encourage A to think about the space she is creating by changing the angle of her body and her runs.

Feeder (F) has to ensure she places the right ball to A- this may not always be flat and fast, and may need to be lifted into the back space where A is running.

Encourage A not to reset behind D each time she has received the ball. A should move straight on to the next cone/spot for the next pass as soon as she has released the ball.

this is always a hard one at such young ages, for their desire for the ball, tends to over ride the need to be patient and keep the space open.

there is a game called numbers, where each player has a number and you must pass the ball in order of your number and if it isnt your number then you must find space and wait.  good to play in groups of no more than 6 to ensure no one is just standing around too long getting bored.  once they get the hang of that you can put them in pairs and have defence to deal with too as well as passing in order.  to help them find space better you can put some markers around the court, that they can run to when they have passed the ball to someone, and tell them they arent allowed to just return to where they just ran from.  

hope that helps.

Thank You ladies. You have been a great help and good luck to you Colleen. How random is that, I hardly ever met another Colleen. Thanks again

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  • create your own professional coaching plans
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