Rugby Drill Demonstration


Give the ball to the attacking team and tell your players the following.......

  1. This is touch 7's, other than that - normal rules of 7's apply.
  2. If touched with the ball: the ball carrier stops, 4 of the defenders must be within touching distance of the ball carrier - only 3 can stay out, and this must happen within 3 seconds.
  3. When the attack is happy that the defence has moved in - they can then move the ball away from the contact area - and the game restarts.
  4. There is no limit on the number of touches.
  5. That's it, lets play!
  • Don't forget to give the defence and attack equal time on the ball.
  • This game must be played at pace, so the defence is going to have to work hard!

Coaching points

  • The attack uses traffic as a tactic.
  • Attackers work at pace, attacking space.
  • Attackers fix defenders, taking them away from where the ball is to be passed.
  • Attackers consider and execute changes to the point of attack.
  • Defenders need to communicate, and apply pressure to force mistakes. They should not over commit.

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