Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell your players the following.........

  1. The coach will call a number e.g. 1.
  2. That attacking group must attack, aiming to score a try at the opposite end of the grid.
  3. The defence must try to stop them, but their target is to turnover the ball.
  4. Simple as that - except the number calls will be quick - there will be no delays between attacks, so the defence must be Sharpe and respond quickly to what they see.
  5. That's it - lets play.
  • Don't forget to change the defenders.

Coaching points

  • When appropriate, defenders seek to take attacker and ball in contact.
  • Line speed closes space quickly.
  • Defenders only commit to turn-over the ball when an attacker is isolated and there is little or no change of an offload.
  • Defenders seek to stay out of rucks, unless they can turn the ball.
  • When there is a 3 v 4, defender press the attack to pass quickly and over distance, using a strike runner to try and intercept.

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