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Contact Work - Bounce, Jackal, Fire Session Thumbnail
Contact Work - Bounce, Jackal, Fire

Contest for every ball and cause a turnover with this session by focussing on both defensive and attacking breakdowns. Work on the jackal and bounce in defence and attack at break down with the smash and crocodile roll.

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Contact: Rucking technical session Session Thumbnail
Contact: Rucking technical session

Master the ?Smash? and the ?Roll? rucking technique so that when the pressure is on and a clear decision needs to be made, clearing the ruck becomes second nature to your players.

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  • 2 players minimum 
  • Tackle Sausage 

 -Crocodile roll is one technique to repmove threats from a breakdown.
most useful for smaller players to move larger ones. 
 -Require control, power, accuracy.
Identify if croc roll is the right technique to use. 
- Target the defenders upperback/lower neck region. 
- Initate the clear out by big shoulder contact into that area, set feet wide, then bearhug the defender 
- Use momentum and rotate hips downwards, maintain strong grip and roll palyer off the ball. 
- Finish movement on top of player and compete for ball. 

Coaching points

  • Still have a heavy/powerful impact 
  • Use momentum 
  • Arms around torso not head. 
  • (watch Croc Roll Video for technique) 

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