Rugby: 1 vs 1 colour cones

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  • 4 players are required for this drill; 1 attacker, 2 defenders and 1 scrum half.

  • Once the defenders are set up in either corner of the try line they are assigned a coloured ball.

  • The attacker is to start in one corner of the baseline.

  • The drill begins when the attacking player is fed a coloured ball by the scrum half.

  • The defender associated with that coloured ball will then come out to defend the try line from their corner.

  • This drill relies on both the reaction speeds of the defenders noticing which ball is in play and also that of the attacker noticing which defender is in play and consequently where there is space to attack.


  • Ensure that you make a screen so that the defenders can’t see the colour ball which the scrumhalf is about to pass to the attacker.

  • Use your whistle to set off the scrum-half's pass. Make sure that there are enough players so that the drill can flow, one attacker after the next.

  • Swap the defenders every two minutes ensuring you assign the new defenders a ball colour.

  • Focus on drawing the player across as much as possible, and at the right moment, stepping off the outside leg and beating the player on the inside.

  • Lean towards the side that you want to draw the player towards, before making the step shorten your strides and slow down.



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Rugby Netball

Drill to practice skills and creating space. Set up a pitch (roughly 25m x 20m depending on age and number of players) with two scoring zones at each end (green cones). Split the players into two even teams and give each team different colour bibs. Teams are aiming to score points by passing the ball to a team mate who is standing in the scoring zone (see diagram). Each time a player catches the ball on the full from a pass from a team mate in the scoring zone their team scores one point, and they turn and attack back the other way. Players cannot run while holding the ball, they must be standing still when they pass. The defending team cannot get closer than 2m to the player with the ball, and can only gain possession by intercepting a pass or if the attacking team drop the ball or give a poor pass which goes to ground.   PROGRESSION: Players can only have possession of the ball for 2 seconds. If they hold the ball for longer than two seconds then possession is turned over. This means that the defending team can gain possession if they cut down the attacking players passing options. Players can run when in possession of the ball, but still can only have possession of the ball for 2 seconds. Passes must be over head. Passes must be below waist height. Chip kick / grubber kick instead of pass. Passes must be out of the back of the hand. Passes must be behind the back. Defenders can touch the attacking player in possession of the ball. If the defending team makes two touches on the attacking team then possession is turned over.

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