Rugby Drill Demonstration


The drill starts with 2 defenders and 2 attackers. The 2 attackers start one behind the other, about 3+ meters apart, the first players job is to either draw and pass to his supporter in space, or to beat the first man and draw and pass the second man.

The defenders again will be split seconds behind as they will see the ball after the attackers. Use your whistle to set off the pass to the attackers.

The first cones stay the same distance away, for the next set of cones for defenders double the distances.

Coaching points

You need to tailor the size of your drill to the ability of your players. You need to look at the distances between the cones. Another way to either speed up or slow down a players reaction is by making them face outward, and on the whistle they can jump around, and react to the colour ball.

  • Look for your supporter
  • Communication between two attackers is essential
  • Look to where you pass
  • Support ball carrier once you have beaten the first man
  • Speed off the mark is essential to good attack
  • Play with your depth depending on the situation

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Drill tags: agility, attack, speed

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