Netball Drill Demonstration


This is part of the warm up. It is mostly Dymanic stretching but can also be specific skill warm up. To do the warm up you follow thw arrows. I have done it like thins so it is continuous and keeps the players heart rate up. This is designed to be done for 5 Minutes continuously followed by a minute break and then to be done for 3 minutes followed by a 1 minute break with a final 2 minutes. It should last 12 minutes in total

Coaching points

At the star jumps they should be explosive star jumps. To avoid any of the stations be clogged up with players you should set off the next player after the 1st has got to the explosive star jumps. Also you need to have a coach at the green cone so that when the players sprint in the are reciving a hard ball.

Created by Lucinda, Netball Coach, England

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