Netball Drill Demonstration


  • Split players into two teams (5&5)
  • One team are defence =D (fielders) other are attackers=A (batters)
  1. Defence spread out onto middle third
  2. First batter stands at red cone wih the ball. They must thorw the ball anywhere they like, but it MUST bounce somewhere within the third before it rolls outside the third.
  3. Once thrown, the batter runs to first base and can stop or keep going.
  4. If the Defenders catch the ball at the base before the attacker gets there, they are out.
  5. Defenders can run and make leads, but can not run with the ball.
  6. Once three players are out, teams swap over for batting and fielding.

Coaching points

Watch for stepping- nop running with the ball.

"Batters" must throw with correct technique- Shoulder passes only.

If it's too easy for the batters, make them throw with there opposite hand (ie. left).

If the ball does not bounce before going outside the square when the batter throws, they must throw again.

Three failed throws and the batter is "out".

If a fielder catches the ball before it bounces, the batter is out.

Created by , Netball Coach, Australia

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