Netball Drill Demonstration


Players in 2 equal teams, play across a third. Their aim is to bounce the ball into one of their hoops. Gain a point for each time ball goes in the hoop.

Once hoop is scored or if ball is intercepted, the defending team then becomes attacking team and tries to score a hoop on the opposite side.


  1. Players can move when boucing the ball
  2. Players able to run with the ball
  3. Netball rules
  4. Hoops have different scoring values
  5. Once ball over halfway point, have to include a passback (reset) before being able to score
  6. Change the hoops for skittles
  7. Attach balloons to poles - players have to hit these
  8. Have targets on the wall for players to hit
  9. Have a bigger space and larger teams
  10. Play for a set time
  11. All players to touch the ball before a goal attempt

Coaching points


  • What is the best tyoe of pass to use? (long/short etc)
  • How will the type of defence & the players positioning influence the types of passes you will use?
  • How can you (attacking team) work as a team in order to create space?
  • How will the score affect the way you attack or defend? (Risk/Reward)
  • Which was the most effective defensive structure for your team? Why?
  • How did the type of defense affect the way the attacking team passede the ball? Positioned themselves? Speed of ball movement?
  • What strategies did you employ to gain most points?

Created by Lisa, Netball Coach, England

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