Netball Drill Demonstration


C and WA feed ball in and out to shooters, who must feed ball out 5 times before shooting for goal.  Feeders can move but must be at 45 degrees of each other at all times.

GS and GA are not to be in the same half of the circle at the same time. Teaches awareness of space and movement.

GK and GD can not move out of their half circles.  Teaches them to switch to closest shooter.

Encourage players to talk to each other i.e. 'switch', 'I've got yours' etc...

When they have done the drill at speed for 5mins, change the position of the cones to across the centre of the circle i.e. so the zones are now high and low instead of left and right.

Swap in any shooters who may be feeding as necessary.


Created by , Netball Coach, Australia

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