Netball Drill Demonstration


Adapted from Sarah Wall's circuit session published at

Athletes spend 2 minutes at each station, with a 30 second jog/walk/rest between stations. The stations each have their own excercise:

  1. Agility - Sprint zig-zag pattern between cones. pushing off with outside leg from each cone to change direction. Walk back to start and repeat for station time.
  2. Arm Power - 10 seconds of push ups. Then on knees do 10 arm circles clockwise and anti-clockwise.
  3. Plyometrics - from one cone to another, walking back to the start between actitvities: Bunny Hops (short fast jumps); Long Jumps; Hops (on Left leg); Hops (on right leg).
  4. Core - plank for as long as possible. if unable to hold for full two minutes try to rest for only 10 seconds between attempts.
  5. Change of Pace - start at central cone. Sprint out ot fanned cones. Recover back to centre is side-step from two outer cones, defensive slide from two inner cones.


Coaching points

  • Split team into pairs or groups at each station.
  • Should be working as hard as possible at each station to fit as many repitions in as they can.
  • Repeat entire circuit after 1 minute rest.

Created by Simon, Netball Coach, Australia

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