Netball Drill Demonstration


Drill 1: Pivot foot (technique)

1. bring weight over grounded foot

2. lift ankle up of pivot foot

3. push off the other foot to get direction and balance

let them form a big circle and try to do it together, maybe left, or right, always face to the pole

Drill 2: Landing without ball

1. stand behind the goal line with 4-5 group. coach set the huddles in between. player jog and jump over the huddles. (try to observe their level of landing skill)

2. run forward, leap over the huddle, land on two feet, balance, pivot and return to the end of the line

3. same as above, but using single leg

4. set a game, coach will call different landing (left/ right/ both)

Drill 3: Landing with ball

1. thrower in front of line (straight lead and stand around transverse line), same as drill two but add with the ball, remind to do the pivot and pass back the person in the line.

Drill 4: Add pressure (take out the huddles)

1. combine into 2 groups, one beside the other, designate one line as attackers, the other as defenders

2. defenders to run with attackers but not to use arms to defend. attackers to land on outside foot and pivot away from defender.

3. repeat both side, or you can use 1 min as game, count how many acute landing they got.

Created by Anita, Netball Coach, Hong Kong

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