Netball Drill Demonstration


  • Start with pitter-patter fast feet at cone 1.
  • Feeder throws 2x reaction ball passes.
  • Then front-back fast feet sideways movement to cone 2.
  • Pitter-patter fast feet at cone 2. 2x reaction ball passes.
  • Straight lead to cone 3. No pass. Clear out to Cone 2.
  • Angle drive to centre of rectangle to receive pass. return pass.
  • Running steps back to Cone 2.
  • Side-step to Cone 1.
  • Angle drive to centre of rectangle to receive/return pass.
  • running steps back to cone 1.
  • Final straight drive towards cone 4 to receive pass.
  • Next attacker. Repeat for 4.

Coaching points

  • For running steps angled back to cones players must turn their hips in the direction of movement. No backwards running!
  • Head up and eyes on the ball at all times


Created by Simon, Netball Coach, Australia

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