Rugby Drill Demonstration


Conditioned game focused of forcing the tackle and playing through rucks.

  1. First condition will be using scrag to tackle, person with possession must pencil to present the ball, tackler cannot compete for the ball and must run back and touch their try line before rejoining defensive line.
  2. Second condition is that the tackler must continue to drop off to try line after scragging. Another player must bear over the ball presenter in an attempt to get the ball before it is passed out. Presenter can pop off the ball from the floor or scrum half can come in to pass it out.
  3. Las condition is a full contact, tackler does not have to drop back to the try line and can compete for the ball. Fully contested rucks.

In this conditioned game a narrow pitch will be used reducing the space and forcing the tackles 7m x 10m (approximately). Ideally the game will be even sided (8 vs 8) but depending on number there could be an overloaded team e.g. 8 vs 6. This will force the team with 6 players to work off the ball once being in a ruck to get back to their defensive line.

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